my preci0us n0te :)

my preci0us n0te :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

study at MSU

Assalamualaikum ..

wahh . lame dah tak menaip nihh .. terlampau laah mak nihh bz memanjang .. hmm ..
bese laa . dah belajar nihh xde gat nk menengok blog2 nihh..

kalo boring dalam kelas . hah ! mcmni laaa .. hehe :D

this is my fren from thailand . Najamee .. we call Mimie .. she kind person n sweet :)

----> our diagram for Nursery program curriculum .. its so bz to do this .. im very tired on that days.. hurmmm 

<--- at MSU cafe .. the food is not nice n expensive too .. haahahahah .. we all prefer eat kat tesco .. its much better

yeay!!! we got a lollipop !

yummmy !!! thx Mimie

eyy ! we again ..

sumwhere i bored gile in kelas .. bhahaah

owwhhh ! my big eyes .. hahah

hmm .. where my note !!
 sape diapit oleh awek awek .. uhuhuhhu
wit alyn mel mel

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